Dr. Smriti Singh Dy.CVS

Educationisoneof the important Message from the Coordinator IMS Institute of Management Studies foundations of human development. Knowledge, competencies and experience obtained through education define how people see the world and develop their future career. There are huge challenges in today's global and highly competitive market environment and as teachers we have to ensure that our students are ready to face those challenges. The curriculum of the Institute is helping students to develop their managerial ability and acumen to deal effectively with a variety of business situations. Apart from academic activities, the co- curricular, sports, cultural and social-service activities form important components of our pedagogy, life and culture at IMS. The future holds tremendous promise for the Institute. We look forward to being recognized as one of the premier management schools in the country. I urge upon my students to be sincere and devoted to their cherished goals and strive to become responsible and worthy citizens of the nation.