Dr.Mukund Chandra Mehta
Director,CVS & Registrar

In the complex and unpredictable business environment today, Change is the only constant that keeps harrowing one and all. What is best today may become insignificant tomorrow. To overcome the increasingly multipronged challenges of Change, businesses and leadership need to adapt and strategically respond to gain and sustain competitive advantages. In the existing scenario, management institutions too need to have the flexibility to incorporate new changes while still providing the fundamentals of management education. I am happy to see IMS emerging as a forerunner among the more socialistic and value oriented institutions of higher learning in this part of India. I am sure that this Institute will carry on with its rich legacy of providing affordable, highquality education and continue bettering lives of many promising students, particularly from the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society. I extend my good wishes to the entire team IMS.